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Sportscard Organizer provides you a free 30-day trial to test the software before you decide to purchase the license to unlock the full version (allowing you to use the software past the 30-day limit of the demo).  We feel this is a much better situation than a traditional 30-day money back guaranty where you buy a product without the opportunity to see if you like it and refund your money if you don't.  We give you the opportunity to "kick the tires" and see if Sportscard Organizer is what you expect it to be before you buy it.  It also gives you an opportunity to contact us and ask us questions about the software before you buy.  Finally, since the software is purchased as a download, there is no guaranty that the user would not continue to use the software after a refund is issued.

So unless there is an extreme circumstance that warrants it, purchases of Sportscard Organizer are considered final with no refund.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the software before you decide to buy.


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