Sportscard Organizer
Designed by a collector, for collectors


Organize your entire collection

Users have the ability to enter both common cards and star cards, as well as memorabilia.

Bulk Add
Users can add multiple cards from a set at one time, making adding your collection into the software even easier.

Intuitive graphical interface
Easily enter your cards and find what cards you have.  Most dropdown menus are pre-loaded with data including set names, player names, conditions, and sports.

Custom fields
Two custom fields are included to provide the user with the ability to store information about your collection that is unique to you.

Card photos
Two card photos can be imported for each card, allowing you to see both the front and back of the card.

Find cards you need
Are you a set collector and want to know what cards you need to complete a set?  Quickly and easily find what cards you need.

Historical prices
When you enter a new price for a card, the software keeps a record of the previous prices you have entered and shows a graph showing the card's change in price over time.

Different conditions of same card
Do you have more than one copy of a card, but they are in different conditions and thus have a different value?  You have the ability to enter each card separately into the software.

Location field
The location field allows you to show where a specific card is stored in your collection, whether it is a specific box or binder.

With over 20 reports available, you can quickly view your collection in a wide variety of ways.

Non-sports cards and memorabilia
The software is flexible enough, including two custom fields, to enter non-sports cards as well as memorabilia.

Value and total number of cards in your collection
Quickly and easily know what your collection is worth and now many cards you have in your collection.

Store information for insurance
Whether just keeping a digital copy or printing out reports for your insurance agent, you can keep a safe and secure record of your collection.



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