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John K. Reichard, Owner and Collector

I began collecting sports cards, mainly baseball cards in the late 1970s.  Over the years I have amassed a collection of over 145,000 cards.  As my collection grew, I saw the need to keep track of my collection to know what I had and what the prices were for some of them.  I started in the early 1990s to enter my cards into a simple Excel spreadsheet.  But soon I realized that I wanted to do more with the information I had entered.  So around 1996 I began to develop a Microsoft Access-based program, which had more advanced features.  As I began to tell people about my program and the features of it, they suggested that I make it available to other collectors so they can organize their sports card collection as I have.  In 2002 I released Version 1 of Sportscard Organizer.  After adding more features in Version 2, I decided to change platforms and completely redesign the software for Version 3.  With this new release, I believe Sportscard Organizer is the best sports card collecting software on the market.  Download a free demo and see for yourself.


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