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As a sports card collector for over 30 years, I hope you find Sportscard Organizer as valuable as I do to keep your collection in a digital format and increase your enjoyment of collecting.  Sportscard Organizer was designed with both the beginning collector as well as life-long collector like myself in mind to help you quickly add cards, easily access your collection, provide information for insurance purposes, and know what the value of your collection is.  I invite you to download a free version of the software to try for yourself.

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"Thank you so much for this product. I have recently began collecting baseball cards after having done so in my younger days. I immediately began looking for some way to organize my growing collection. I'm only 37 but my mind isn't what it used to be and there are so many variations of cards that I couldn't keep up. The [software] has given me piece of mind that I'm not going after the same card twice and I have one place to go to. I also love showing my cards off by using [it]. I can't say thank you enough!!!"  Matt C.

"I downloaded the free trial version and have been adding cards/sets for 36 hours straight!  I was so impressed that I bought it a day and a half after using it.  Best program out there.  I have several spreadsheets, and am in the process of combining all of them into the program.  Well done!  Douglas N.

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